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It's time for real change.  Are you in?

What's your BHAG (Big hairy audacious goal)? 

 You can make it happen when you get all of the F's in place.

Run out of F's to give?  F Your Life

8 Days to an F’ing Gr8 life! 

Join me for a physical and emotional detox.

You can’t be perfect, but you can be F-ing amazing. It’s not about waiting for the perfect time or situation. It's the here and now, and it's time to squeeze the juice out of that F’ing life! 

The question is, what are you living for? A so-so existence that just gets you by, or an F-ing great one? Once you dial in your truth, the core of your existence, you go from F everything to F’ing GREAT. We all need to give more of an F. You need to give an F. Lots of F’s. Once you stop giving the positive ones, the negative ones run your life over.

8 on its side=infinity. If you practice these habits and repeat them, it will become your life, your reality, and your legacy.  F-Yeah!


A daily motivational tip and video to keep you revved up

A one-week balanced macronutrient meal plan complete with meal prep notes, a shopping list, calendar and recipes - with all of the nutritional information calculated for you

The chance to win prizes

Discounts on select products that help you life the FitLife

A chance to have your testimonial featured on our Facebook page

The Big F's

Food - 8-Day Whole Foods Detox

Fitness - Activity 30 min/day

Friends and family - Focused quality time

Filter – Avoid the junk and feed your mind

Fun – This is recess. Play.

Fabulosity - This is all YOU baby. Do you.

Frame of Mind - Be present and intentional

Forward – This is the giving back part

Our free meal plan will help to keep you energized and turn your metabolism into a lean, clean burning machine!

Make 2016 THE Year and

Achieve Your Best You


Created by Chef Mareya, The Fit Foodie